10 Unknown Music Makers From Instagram Who Are Stealing Our Hearts With Their Talents

I remember the time when Instagram was literally just for memes and posting pictures of ourselves. But it’s been quite a while since people started portraying their talents. On this platform, which honestly made our lives a little better, being their audience. The amount of time, effort, and talent they put in, is actually not addressed very widely.

Here’s the list of some of the most underrated Instagram music makers and singers, who should be getting a bigger platform, cause they absolutely deserve all this hype:

Mihika Sansare (@mihika__)
Mihika Sansare is mainly known for her amazing guitar strumming skills. She also has her own iconic hashtag named, “#MusicWithMihika”. But not only did her guitar covers got her listeners hooked but also her amazing voice too! One of her covers on the song, “Oh oh jane jana” hit more than a million views! She doesn’t only stick with mainstream songs, but also she makes cover tunes like Harry Potter, Mario, Pirates of Caribbean.

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