10 Start-Ups Funded By Ratan Tata, Who Are Making It Big
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10 Start-Ups Funded By Ratan Tata, Who Are Making It Big

On December 28th, 2021, Ratan Tata the big-shot industrialist of India turned 84. Ratan Tata’s name comes under the list of rich people of India. Not only he is an industrialist, but also an investor, philanthropist and is the chairman of the range of Tata Groups present. Being all of that, he has invested in a lot of start-ups. Some of those have big names in the market now, making it a successful investment for him.

Below mentioned are the list of start-ups Ratan Tata invested in and are now running smoothly:

  1. Ola Electric

Back in 2019, Tata invested in Old Electric. Though the amount remains unknown since it wasn’t disclosed. He was a part of their Series A funder for the company. Tata is an early investor for ANI Technologies, which is actually the parent company of Ola.

“His investment in Ola Electric will bring his deep experience and mentorship to the company’s ambitions to make electric mobility viable at scale,” this is what was said by the start-up when they were asked about his investment.

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