10 Latest Designer Saree Collection ideas for any Occasion – weddings or Classy!

Latest designer saree collection ideas

Saree is just not only an Indian traditional attire but is one of the very few and most popular outfits that enhances the beauty of Women. Most women prefer light and easy carry  Sarees for everyday wear should be light and easy to carry but when it comes to any important occasion or event Women most often than not struggle to choose what to wear. Let’s have a look at the different types of latest designer saree collections that will definitely make you look better and more beautiful for any occasion

Organza sarees

Organza is a lightweight and plain woven fabric that was originally made from Silk. 

It can also be made from synthetic fiber like polyester and nylon which makes it more durable.

Got bored with wearing traditional silk sarees? Then organzas can be a perfect fit for you. 

Organza sarees look similar to Silk but are very light and easier to carry. Organza sarees provide a matte-like finish and are perfectly suited for any occasion be it for weddings or classy

office dinners, or parties.

Organza sarees
Organza sarees

Multicolor sarees

A multi-color saree looks gorgeous for people with any kind of skin tone. For any occasion like parties, weddings, or dinners, these sarees stand out bright.

These multi-color sarees became a trend after Deepika Padukone had worn a multi-color saree from Sabyasachi for one of her film promotions.

Since then many YouTubers, influences, and designers have taken inspiration and recreated similar looks.

Similar kinds of designs are readily available online and in boutiques.

Multicolor sarees
Multicolor sarees

Net sarees

Net sarees are a never-ending Trend. These sarees look so elegant and classy for any kind of occasion.

Net sarees can be decorated with Zari detailing, heavy borders, deep neck blouses, kundans, etc. Even a plain net saree also looks so amazing.

Even celebrities choose net sarees for various occasions. One of the most recent examples can be taken from the Bollywood celebrity Alia Bhatt, who has worn an off-white net saree for her wedding. 

Designer Net Sarees
Designer Net Sarees

Ruffle sarees

Ruffle sarees have been one of the top fashion trends for quite a long time now. 

Youngsters like college girls are mostly interested in these kinds of Ruffle sarees. These look so fashionable when girls wear them. 

Ruffle sarees are commonly designed with florals. Even plain Ruffle sarees with a gorgeous blouse can become a show stopper. You do not even need heavy jewelry to style with these Ruffle sarees.

Designer Ruffle sarees
Designer Ruffle sarees

Saree with fabric belt

Bells used to be limited to jeans and dresses. But these days the belts are even used to style the sarees. 

A nice fabric belt with some artwork on it can give a nice shape to your belly and make you look slim and nice when you wear a saree.

A fabric Black Belt can be styled on a variety of sarees like a Ruffle sarees, silk sarees, organza sarees, etc.

Designer Saree with Fabric belt
Designer Saree with Fabric belt

Classic white sarees

A white saree on a white blouse looks so classy and elegant for any kind of occasion. Be it a farewell or a party.

Certain types of white color sarees like organza, net, chikankari, etc look really nice. 

We see that many celebrities and influencers style white sarees for occasions because white sarees look very elegant and grand. 

A white saree paired up with matching jewelry and hairstyle followed by stylish sandals and a clutch can complete your look. 

You can also try tying up your hair in a bun decorating it with Gajra can make you look even more chick.

Classic White Designer Saree
Classic White Designer Saree

Dhoti saree

This is a regular kind of a saree but with dhoti. You can save time from draping with this kind of saree. 

You will stand still in the crowd and look so stylish. Dhoti saree is a little bit costlier than regular sarees but this kind of different design in your closet can be treated as an investment.

Prepare your dhoti saree with traditional sandals and a clutch. You can also try wearing a fabric belt on your saree to hold the pleats in position. Wearing oxidized silver jewelry can add even more elegance.

Designer Dothi Saree
Designer Dothi Saree

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Saree gown

This is another kind of variation just like the dhoti saree. But this time your saree is in the form of a gown.

You can transform your traditional saree look into an Indo-Western look. 

If you are not comfortable wearing a saree and carrying it, then you can try this kind of variation. It is very easy to carry as this is in the form of a gown. 

The gown saree does not need any kind of print or pattern. Just a plain netted saree on organza saree looks beautiful enough. 

You can pair up this saree with pearls or oxidized silver jewelry and a nice pair of heels to complete this look.

Designer Saree Gown
Designer Saree Gown

Floral sarees

Florals have been one of the top trends for a long time now. These floral sarees can look extremely gorgeous and fashionable.

Floral sarees also complete a nice summer look this season. You can choose nice bright and vibrant colored florals on your saree to look stunning.

Pair up your saree with a nice sleek hairstyle and a good pair of sandals to complete your look

Floral Designer sarees
Floral Designer sarees

Palazzo saree

Yes, you have heard right. A palazzo can also be turned into a saree. Even with a Palazzo saree, you can save time from draping.

If you are a trendy person and do not like to wear sarees, then you can try out this fashionable look. A plain palazzo saree with a nice embroidered blouse looks nice. 

Pair up your plain palazzo saree with a nice pair of sunglasses and heels to complete the look.

Palazzo Designer saree
Palazzo Designer saree

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