10 Interesting Facts about Ancient Egypt

10 Interesting Facts about Ancient Egypt
10 Interesting Facts about Ancient Egypt

The world is surrounded by Greek and Egyptian stories, and their lifestyles, culture, and traditions are still followed somewhere by people across the globe. They left us so many historical things which are still binding us today with their traditions and culture. They built pyramids, but the mystery behind this is still unrevealed. Until now, many scientists and explorers have tried to find out the reason for the pyramid’s construction, but have not succeeded. Ancient Egypt is one of human history’s oldest and most fascinating civilizations, and we are still wondering today. It was a powerful kingdom that develop in the Nile River Valley in northeastern Africa for over 3,000 years.

The ancient Egyptians used the natural resources of the Nile River to fulfill their demands and needs and took advantage. They built an irrigation system to bring water to their farms and built canals to transport goods. They also built amazing monuments and buildings, including the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Great Sphinx. You know, the ancient Egyptians were very advanced for their time, even more than today. They used mathematics and astronomy to measure time and had a complex scripting system. They were also skilled in medicine and surgeries. The ancient Egyptians were religious people and believed deeply in gods. And constructed afterlife tombs for their kings and Queens. In this article, I am telling about the 10 facts about ancient Egypt and how they lived. 

1.They lived along the river Nile- The Egyptians were lucky as they lived along with the river Nile. This means they could use the water of the river to grow crops, and get food and moisture in the soil. And it was also used for transportation. They used the natural resources of the river to get the full advantage. Even they built an irrigation system to bring water.

2. Pyramids and tombs were used for Pharaohs- You know the big pyramids in Egypt and heard of the tombs. And the tombs were built for Pharaohs and their families after they had passed away. They believed that the treasure or money needed to be buried with them which will help them in the afterlife. When a loved one or a close family member passed away, they believed in preserving the body which was called mummification. The Egyptians believed that this would make their soul lives forever with them.

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3. Egyptians Wore Makeup- in ancient times, both men and women used makeup believing it gave them protection. Kohl was the main substance that was used, made from grinding ores such as malachite and galena mixed with soot and oil. They used them around their eyes which can be seen in their art. They also used red paint and henna to color their hands, lips, and fingernails. Both genders, male and female wore perfumes made from various fragrances such as Susinum, the main ingredients of those perfumes are myrrh, lily, and cinnamon, or Syprinum, which was made of henna, cinnamon, myrrh, cardamom, and southernwood.

4. The Egyptians invented a lot of the things we use today- The Egyptians were great at inventing in new things like they invented medicines, musical instruments, paper, pens, locks, keys, cosmetics, and also, they invented toothpaste. Seriously what would we do without these things they haven’t invented those things.

5. They used hieroglyphs- meanwhile, their alphabet was formed hieroglyphs and it had over 700 of them. The word hieroglyphs come from a Greek word that means sacred carving. Ancient Egyptians believed that the language they used had been invented by the Gods.

6. There were over 2,000 ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses in which some of whom we know today. A lot of them were shown to have a human body with an animal’s head meanwhile half human half animal form. Some of the most famous gods are, Osiris, known as the King of the Living, Thoth, known as the God of Knowledge and Wisdom, Ra, the God of the Sun, and Radiance.

7. Invented the Pregnancy test- yes, you read it right. Egyptians were the ones who invented the first pregnancy tests in the Ancient era of Egypt. To identify the pregnancy, women used barley and wheat seeds to determine along with the gender of the baby. They used to urinate on the seeds and if they sprouted, it would mean she is pregnant and if the seeds sprouted barley, it would be a baby girl and if it sprouted wheat, then it would be a baby boy.

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