10 Fascinating Activities and Things to Do in Bekal

The popular place Bekal is situated in Kerala’s northern coasts. The town is so beautiful and it gets its name from Baliakulam which depicts a grand palace. This majestic town is filled with remnants of ancient regimes, various mighty forts, and wonderful beaches.

There are many famous places in Bekal to get some quality time along with the backwaters. Even there are lots of things to do and can do various adventurous water activities or view the diverse fauna and flora that thrives in the region. Let’s discuss some adventurous activities to do in Bekal.

  1. Staying at Bekal Beach Camp- if you want to experience a stunning view of Bekal beach and fort, here you could enjoy the beach coastline which makes you feel closer to nature.
  2. Exploring Bekal Fort– Bekal Fort, is one of the major attractions of tourists and provides a stunning view of the Arabian Sea. However, the fort is an almost 300-year-old fort that comes explore the 300 years old fort that comes under one of the largest forts in Kerala. You could climb to the fort’s top to see the view of the Arabian sea.
  3. Climbing Kottancheri Hills– Kottancheri hills is part of the vast Western Ghats which are surrounded by lush green rainforests. Here you can do adventurous trekking and could witness the view beautiful surroundings that could be seen from the hill’s top.
  4. View heavenly Bekal Beach– the perfect place for the nature lover. This beach stretches up to 36 acres that grab the attention of tourists across the world. You can even take horse rides or camel rides.
  5. Riding via Valiyaparamba Backwaters– Valiyaparamba backwaters is situated 19 km away from Bekal. Moreover, the backwaters create a huge area where water from four rivers converges, and creates a waterway that flows via paddies and coconut groves. You can take a houseboat to see the view.
  6. Visit Nityanand Ashram Caves– Nityanand ashram caves, this is the major part of the attraction while exploring. The caves are a group of forty-five caves. Explore the major attraction of the place is Swami Nityanand sculpture, which is created of panchaloha.
  7. Residing at Taj Bekal- Taj Bekal resort is located on the Arabian sea itself. You can do various activities here like fishing, kayaking, boating, rowing, and trekking which would be the experience of a lifetime.
  8. Nileswaram Palace– this palace is an ideal place for history lovers that was set up by the Archaeology Department to create awareness about several architectures. Explore the beautiful landscapes and feel the serenity of the backwaters.
  9. Bekal Hole Aqua Park- The Bekal Hole Aqua Fort lies near Bekal Fort and is considered to be the most famous in Bekal. You can enjoy water rides at the most wonderful park that has pedal boats and water cycles.
  10. Trekking via Ranipuram’s forest- Ranipuram is very rich in flora and fauna and you could view several species of animals such as jungle cats, macaques, giant squirrels, leopards, various exotic butterflies, and birds. You can also enjoy the trekking adventure on the tricky forest trail. While you are trekking through the trails, you can witness the stunning view of the forest.

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