Will Oxford University Put an end to COvid-19?

A vaccine for Covid-19 could be ready by the end of summer : The novel coronavirus originated from the Wuhan Province of China has spread to around 200 nations around the world leaving more than 2.2 million infected with the virus worldwide, claiming more than 154,200 people to date.

In the wake of the tense situation, Oxford University has come up with a piece of good news that the scientists at the University are very close to found a vaccine for the pandemic.

What’s even more shocking is that an Indian company is playing a key role in this process. Going by the opinion of Oxford University by the end of the September vaccine will be getting ready after three phases of clinical trials.

The Oxford University team’s experimental product, called “ChAdOx1 nCoV-19”, is a type known as a recombinant viral vector vaccine and is one of at least 70 potential COVID-19 candidate shots under development by biotech and research teams around the world.

At least five of those are in preliminary testing in people.

The Oxford scientists said on Friday they were recruiting volunteers for early stage – Phase 1 – human trials of their shot, and large-scale production capacity was being put in place “at risk”. This means the shots will be produced in large numbers at risk of being useless if trials show they do not work.

The Oxford Scientists are very confident that the vaccine produced by them will cure the pandemic in just one dose with the other vaccine are believed to take two or three doses.

On the other hand, Gujarat Bio-Technology Research Centre(GBRC) managed by the Gujarat state government managed to decode the genetic sequence of the coronavirus.

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