Who is ‘BINOD’ and why is everyone searching for him?

The coronavirus pandemic has infected over 2 crore people worldwide. It has killed over 7 lakh people, but the dark murky clouds of covid-induced dystopia have not been able to stop Binod. He is everywhere. Binod is on Twitter, WhatsApp, comments, memes and virtually almost everywhere. Looks like ‘Binod’ is 2020’s ‘JCB Ki Khudayi’ moment for social media users.

Why is Binod everywhere?

The trend allegedly started when a YouTube channel, Slayy Point, shared a video where creators Abhyudaya and Gautami Kawale, decided to roast the comments section of Indian YouTube videos.

In the video titled “Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (BINOD),” published on July 15, the creators showed their subscribers some of the strangest comments they have received. They highlighted a comment from a user named Binod, which simply had his first name “Binod” in the comments section.

Who is Binod?

The full name of the man of the moment is Binod Thakur. Binod has a YouTube account named ‘Binod Tharu’ but with no videos. His activity on YouTube is limited to going on videos, and commenting his name, ‘Binod’.

Binod is a brand now

Twitter was flooded with a number of Binod memes. The viral trend rose exponentially, and several brands, companies and even police departments joined the bandwagon with their own Binod tweets.

Paytm changed its official Twitter handle to ‘Binod’ for a short while.

Tinder India joined the bandwagon by a tweet that read, ‘Yes Binod is on Tinder’ and followed it up with, ‘Binod just matched with Binodini.’

Airtel India too joined the juggernaut.

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