Watch: Mother Duck Sacrifices Her Life To Protect Her Babies From Snake

There are umpteen examples of animals’ motherly instincts kicking in when they see their young ones in danger. A recent video shared by IFS Sudha Ramen proves that even animals can go to extreme lengths and sacrifice their lives in order to protect their young ones.

A heart-wrenching video shows a mother duck sacrificing her own life in a bid to save her kids. Shared by Indian Forest Officer Sudha Ramen on Twitter, the 44-second clip shows the mother staying back to help her kids escape a snake attack. “They say the strength of motherhood is greater than nature’s laws,” Ramen wrote while sharing the video.

Posted earlier this week, the video clip starts by showing a fully grown serpentine entering the bird’s residence. The camera then zooms in to show the mother bird, who, along with her chicks is left aghast by the sudden attack. As the video progresses, the mother could be seen flapping her wings to shield her offsprings from the reptilian predator. Not only that, but she also goes on to throw her kids outside the hole as quick as she can. However, in the process, she is stuck back with the snake. The video ends by showing the heartbreaking moment, wherein all her chicks run out, but the mother is left in the clutches of the predator.

Watch the heartbreaking video below

Since shared the clip has been viewed by nearly 75 thousand people and racked up over 4.2k retweets till now. While many had been left with a lump in their throat, others expressed anger at the camera person.

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