Viral – Is Kim Jong Un Using a Body Double?

The health of the Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un has been a subject of great interest to media and governments around the world. For a few weeks, many media reports claimed that North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-un’s health derogated badly and even said that he had heart surgery. While some media reports claim that he might have died. North Korea tried to put all rumours to rest with Kim arriving for a public event on May 2, looking quite healthy.

Recently, Kim made an appearance on the 1st of May after a gap of 20 days where the leader came for the opening of a fertilizer factory squashing all the reports of his ill health.

The latest pictures of the supreme leader went viral on social media and the Netizens are doubting that he is not Kim Jong-un and the leader used his body double to divert the attention about his whereabouts.

Twitter users have been analysing photos from Kim’s latest appearance and those taken previously, with special emphasis on his teeth and ears, to understand if a body double has been used. Not only Netizens, but many prominent people have also raised their doubts about the supreme leader using his body double.

Former member of the British Parliament Louise Mensch is convinced that Kim’s teeth look very different from the ones that had been taken a few years ago.

Human rights activist Jennifer Zeng was also one of the first people to point out that there are discrepancies in Kim’s hairline, teeth structure and ears.

If the reports of the International media are to be believed, Kim in the past also used body doubles in numerous incidents. Let’s wait how many more twists and turns take place in the episode of Kim’s health.

However, it also has to be kept in mind that some of the photos being used for comparison are at least a decade old and changes in height, weight, build and shape of teeth may vary.

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