UN Official Caught Doing Illicit Act In The Car

The video of an official having an illicit affair in the car of the United Nations Organization is going viral on social media. The couple having sex are unidentified but the lady in the red dress seems to be a road side hooker. The Official in the back is seen doing the act while the driver keeps on driving. It is said that the incident happened in Israel.

Senior Officials in the United Nations Organization have expressed their displeasure about the incident and said that they are deeply disturbed with the act of their official doing such a misconduct while the aim is to serve the nations across the World with many issues.

The report states that the plate of the car belongs to United Nations Truce Supervision Organisation (UNTSO).

On the other side few officials opined that they will take strict action on such people and try to inculcate great discipline in the office people they ended.

Investigations are underway by the Office of Internal Oversight. Dujarric said the individuals in the video will be identified soon and the process will be concluded as early as possible.

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