RRR Shoot Will End In 10 Months?

SS Rajamouli doesn’t just give successes that are unbelievable, he also does shoot his films for so long that we all feel, he doesn’t plan everything properly and works unlimitedly to get the quality he wants.

It is in one way, extremely positive and negative in another way. For any hero, as he makes sure that he gives a hit, that is a big positive. For any producer, the meter will tick so high because of his delay and huge budget requirements, which is a big negative. Somehow, he is able to nullify all of that with successes. After Baahubali, he decided that he won’t repeat the same thing for all his movies.

Hence, he worked on script for one year and planned everything to the tee, before going for a multi-starrer with Ram Charan and Jr. NTR.

He asked them for 10 months complete call-sheets with necessary breaks it seems. Both the actors, contractually did not agree any other film as they want to finish RRR and then commit to any other film. Verbally, they have plans with big filmmakers after RRR

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