‘RRR’ Full-Form Goes Viral!

Months back when Rajamouli announced his next film with a hashtag ‘#RRR’, people guessed that those three R’s indicate Rajamouli, Ram Charan and Rama Rao. But ‘RRR’ became so viral that people started referring it as the film’s title.

There were many explanations for ‘RRR’ title but one of them is spreading like a wild fire everywhere. According to it, ‘RRR’ stands for ‘Rama Roudra Rushitam’ and audience are starting to believe it. A fan made poster with this title came out on internet recently and people started sharing it and few hours later it began trending.

Many thought that it was an official poster from the team as few PRO’s from the industry too shared it. This led to a misunderstanding among everyone. Fact is that, the title is not yet fixed and the makers are considering several names that could justify their film. Hope they find it soon.

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