Reality Check – Is Srinivasa Gowda Really Faster Than Usain Bolt?

Hima Das was hailed for winning 5 gold medals in a month in Europe. But the truth was that her timings were nowhere near being those of international standards and her opponents were hardly at top level.

So Indian athletics needs a reality check. This case of Gowda is the best example to show that we let our emotions get the better of us instead looking at the facts. So for the record, in all that is fair, Gowda is nowhere close to Bolt in speed. Comparing apples with oranges is not a fair estimate. Comparisons should be made among equals.

There is no doubt that Srinivasa Gowda’s achievement as well as his physique are stellar, and he must make the most of his newly landed opportunities to hone himself into a professional track and field athlete.

The hype would be real indeed if he cracks a similar timing in India’s timed trials and rises through the ranks.

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