Reality Check – Is Srinivasa Gowda Really Faster Than Usain Bolt?

The man himself was humble enough to admit that Bolt is a world class athlete and he was nowhere in comparison. And let’s be brutally honest. It is true.

Also one other important factor is how the speed was developed. Kambala follows a hand timing system unlike Bolt’s track meets where it is electronic timings. These timings do vary. Another fact of the matter is that Gowda’s speed is also generated with the help of the speed of the buffaloes. Whereas Bolt’s speed is naturally generated. Another place where Bolt trumps Gowda.

Bolt’s speed is 27.8 mph. While buffaloes have been known to run at 35 mph, the fact that time was not recorded electronically suggests that there is no specified correctness of it. There is more hype than truth in the statistic.

He’s not alone in this regard and this idea of fans going overboard is not an isolated incident. In 2019, Rameshwar Gurjar was reputed to run 100m in 11 seconds. But after SAI arranged a trial run, he finished last and has not been heard of again.

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