Reality Check – Is Srinivasa Gowda Really Faster Than Usain Bolt?

A Construction worker in south India is being compared to the Olympic gold medallist sprinter Usain Bolt after a record-breaking win in Kambala buffalo Race. Is Srinivasa Gowda Really Faster Than Usain Bolt? It’s Time For A Reality Check

A day before Valentine’s Day, India fell in love with a 28-year-old who, to his own admission, was only running in a ‘slushy paddy field’. This man became an overnight sensation when Shashi Tharoor highlighted him in a tweet calling him faster than Usain Bolt.

His feat – he sprinted 142.5 metres in 13.62 seconds in the annual event ‘kambala’ which involves participants running with two buffaloes. The 28-year-old ‘Kambala jockey’ had run 142.5m in 13.62 seconds which is equivalent to 100m in 9.55 seconds. Bolt’s record is 9.55 seconds to run the same distance, which is a world record at the moment.

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