People Pledge To Support Local Artisans & Buy Earthen Lamps – Potters Ki Diwali

The celebration of Diwali — the festival of lights – has become more about bursting imported Chinese firecrackers and less about lighting traditional earthen lamps these days.

Due to widespread use of fancy cheap Chinese electrical lightings during the festive season have effected the livelihoods of thousands of families very badly who are engaged with this craft work.

“Earlier Chinese lights had caused a slowdown in the demand of earthen lamps. Like a ray of hope shining in the darkness, the netizens of India have taken the onus of changing this trend for the better. The demand for earthen lamps is very good this year”. With Diwali 2019 just a week away, #PottersKi Diwali started trending on social media platform Twitter, urging people to purchase handcrafted, eco-friendly earthen lamps and help the potters of India make brisk business during the festival time.

Mission PKD stands for “Potters Ki Diwali” started by Anshul Saxena tweet got viral and netizens responded positively. Essentially the mission raises awareness about local crafts and encourages people to keep the tradition of oil lamps alive by:

  • Saying no to imported lights
  • Buying from kumhars and avoiding bargaining with them
  • Gifting earthen diyas to friends and family

This Diwali Help our Potters. urges our readers to buy organic, indigenous, even a little more than we need! Please Say No to Electric light or chinese products for Diwali Buy as much as from Potters which will be helpful for them and Their family

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