No govt jobs for those with more than two kids in Assam from 2021

In the process of finding ways to curb population overgrowth, the Assam Cabinet on Monday announced that no government jobs will be given to persons having more than 2 children. The important decision was taken at a Cabinet meeting held late Monday evening. Coming into effect from January 1, 2021, the important decision was taken as per the small family norm, reports India Today.

Along with this, a New Land Policy was also adopted, in which three bighas of agricultural land will be given to indigenous people. The country’s dropping global indicators approve of a small family norm and the Assam cabinet has been one of the first state governments to announce a rule regarding the number of children one can have after starting a family.

These are few immportant decisions, Assam Cabinet announced on Monday.

  • No govt jobs for those with more than two kids in Assam from 2021
  • It also adopted a land policy, which will give three bighas of agricultural land to landless indigenous people and half a bigha for constructing a house.
  • Bus fares in the state have also been increased by 25%.
  • The state government has also proposed to prevent people with a history of child marriage from entering service.

“The two-children norm will also be applicable if a person wants to avail of tractors, homes and other government benefits. Besides, all elections such as panchayats, municipal bodies and autonomous councils held under the State Election Commission will make this norm mandatory for candidates,” Sarma said.

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