Man Asked Sofia Hayat To Spend Night For 20 Lakhs, Here’s How She Replied

Sofia Hayat, the British model of the Indian origin, is a pretty famous name in the virtual world and she seems to have a knack for attracting controversies. Actress, model, singer and a former nun -Sofia Hayat is famous in the eyes of Indian cinema lovers for quite a time.

Earlier, she had the image of a very bold woman who made people crazy with her hot photos but one day, she suddenly shocked people by announcing that she had become a nun. Recently, on Instagram -a man asked Sofia to spend a night with him for 20 lakhs INR.

The man wrote to Sofia, “20 lac for nyt…” and Sofia refused to stay silent on the offensive text received by an unknown man on Instagram. The lady replied, “I wipe my ass with 20 lac.. even 20 crores will not buy me .. will it buy your mother.. ask her?” Her reply shocked the person very well and also taught him a good lesson.

But the actress messaged further, asking him to donate half the amount he was ready to give to her -as a donation to her orphanage. “If you are sorry, you will donate half of the money you offered me to my orphanage. You will be pardoned when it is done,” she wrote.

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