Indian Vlogger Bought Custom Made Rolls Royce

In recent times, the Online video-sharing platform Youtube emerged as a potential platform for the youth to showcase their talent and make it big in their respective filed.

Though there are various entertainment and infotainment channels, Indian vlogger Gaurav Chaudhary created a special place for him for the technology and mobile reviews. His mobile reviews enjoy a huge viewership. Gaurav Chaudary popularly known as Technical Guruji is a Dubai based YouTube creator. His channel Technique Guruji has 15.8 million subscribers.

The tech vlogger who has more than 3.5 million subscribers on Youtube earns over 20 lakhs per month through his youtube views and paid promotions. The vlogger based out of Dubai bought a custom made Rolls Royce luxury for himself.

Technical Guruji is setting new benchmarks with millions of subscribers as the most popular Indian Tech YouTube channel, a milestone which he achieved within just 14 months. Gaurav Chaudhary recently won the award of the Best Technical Influencer of the year from world blogger awards in 2019.

Gaurav’s estimated net worth in 2020 is around $1 million. Gaurav earns more than 1 million US Dollars every year through his YouTube channels alone. Apart from YouTube he has a family business in Dubai which brings him good amount of money.

The success story of the vlogger is a message to the youth with big dreams that talent helps you succeed in the interested field. His subscribers sent out their greetings for the vlogger.

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