Gautam Gambhir Replied To Shahid Afridi’s Tweet Like A Real Indian

Article 370 has been scrapped from the Indian constitution on Monday and Indians are celebrating. Indian Home Minister Amit Shah proposed the new law in the Rajya Sabha and the upper house of the parliament passed it with a huge majority. Article 370 has been removed from the Indian constitution on Monday and Indians are in celebrating mood.

While all others are enjoying the big decision ,Pakistani cricket player Shahid Afridi tweeted against it saying that its a wrong step by Indian government.

He says: “due rights” for Kashmiris “as per UN resolution”. He wrote, “The unprovoked aggression & crimes being committed in Kashmir against humanity must be noted.”

Former Indian cricket player and the MP of Delhi gave a befitted reply to Afridi and was appreciated by the admirers. He wrote, “Shahid Afridi is spot on guys. There is “unprovoked aggression”, there r “crimes against humanity”. He shud be lauded for bringing this up. Only thing is he forgot to mention that all this is happening in “Pakistan Occupied Kashmir”. Don’t worry, will sort it out son!!!”

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