First Pandemic Vaccine In The World To Be Released In August!

When the world is finding it difficult to combat the ongoing pandemic, in a piece of good news, the vaccine produced by Russia might be permitted for public use in two weeks reportedly.

It has been reported that the vaccine produced by Russia is undergoing the phase 2 clinical trials and the third and final phase of the vaccine trial might kickstart in the month of August.

The Russian researchers in collaboration with the military forces are not leaving any stone unturned to come up with the potential vaccine that can cure the respiratory disease.

Some media reports clim that Russia is gearing up to start the 3rd phase of clinical trials of the vaccine from the 3rd of August. After the clinical phase, the vaccine will be sent to the Gamaleya Institute for approval.

Russia earlier announced that the vaccine will be given to the frontline warriors who are rendering their services since the ongoing pandemic hit the nation.

On the other hand, the authenticity of the vaccine produced by Russia raises many questions as so far Russia didn’t issue any official details on the details of the scientific data of the vaccine.

Globally, India is in the third position, after the US and Brazil on the hierarchy of the world’s worst-hit countries due to novel coronavirus.

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