First-Ever COVID-19 Patient Underwent Plasma Therapy Dies In Maharashtra

In what it could be shocker, the first-ever Coronavirus patient who underwent a clinical trial of the plasma therapy in Maratha land lost his life to the infection due to the therapy.

Going into details, a 53-year-old patient was admitted to the Lilavati Hospital on Mumbai on the 20th of April who was tested positive for the virus on the 19th of April.

It has been widely reported that the patient developed acute respiratory distress syndrome with a delay in detecting the virus in the patient. As a result, he was put on ventilation in the ICU.

Upon seeking approval from the Indian Council of Medical Research(ICMR), the Lilavati Hospital provided the convalescent plasma therapy for the patient which makes him the first patient in the country to undergo plasma therapy.

“When the patient was brought to the hospital, his condition was already extremely critical. He had severe breathing problems due to the delay in treatment. He had developed acute respiratory distress syndrome and pneumonia,” CEO of Lilavati Hospital Dr. V Ravishankar said on the sad incident.

Earlier the Health Ministry said that the plasma therapy in the country is still in the testing stage and we can provide more information on this once the Indian researchers working on this come up with a piece of information.

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