Don’t Open Email With This Subject Line, It Could Be A Cyber Attack!

Internet users should be watchful for such attacks including phishing attempts and conduct cyber security audits of their IT systems, officials of Maharashtra Cyber, the state police’s cyber wing, said.

Even as tensions are mounting on the China-India border, Chinese Cyber agencies are working hard to attack Indian cyberspace. In the last five-six days, there were more than 40000 cyber probes from China to identify the chinks in India’s cyber armour. All these attempts were made from Chengdu in China.

Significantly, these searches targeted Indian capabilities in the field of IT, banking and infrastructure. The sudden hike in the cyber attack probes have the authorities sit up and take notice. The officials have already alerted the people about the possibility of a cyber attack through email which has the following subject line: ‘Free Covid-19 testing for all residents of Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Ahmedabad’. Usually, enemy countries try to target India when there are tensions across the border.

For instance, between August 14 and 15, there would be cyber attacks from Pakistan on Indian sites. Similarly, a Nepalese hactivist has targeted India and released Aadhaar date on the dark web recently in protest against the border dispute.

According to Maharashtra Cyber officials, these hackers are suspected to have database of some 20 lakh Indian email IDs.

Indian government officials as well as private Internet users should especially guard against phishing, where attempt is made to obtain confidential information such as passwords or pass-codes by sending a fraudulent email or text message, they added.

There could be phishing attempts by impersonating, online, government agencies, departments and trade associations overseeing the disbursement of government fiscal aid, they said.

One such fraudulent email ID was found to be “” which sent bogus information about free Covid-19 testing for residents of Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Ahmedabad, officials warned.

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