Covid-19 India lockdown: What after 3rd May?

With only 3 more days to go for lockdown to end, there is a suspense all over the nation whether lockdown will be lifted or extended? Most of the countries have adopted the method of lockdown to combat the deadly coronavirus. America has adopted testing method to defeat the novel virus. In India lockdown has been implied till May 3 after PM Modi announced it in his address to the nation. It remains to be seen whether the lockdown will be extended after May 3.

The main objective of implementing the lockdown was to stop the spread of covid-19 pandemic and if the spread is not getting contained, we will have to extend the lockdown further. As of now we are seeing consistent increase Covid-19 positive cases though not exponentially but daily we are witnessing more than 1500 positive cases past few days and it clearly indicates lockdown has to be extended. Sources say extending the lockdown all over India is unlikely. Vaccine is the key to get rid of the virus and it will take some more time to get one. Till then not just INDIA every country has to get to normal life taking necessary preventive measures and is the only key to move on.

Here we listed few possible situations that might come into place after may 3rd….

  • There is no talk of further extending the pan-India lockdown, public travel through trains, flights and buses may remain suspended while rules like social distancing and wearing face masks may be made compulsory for quite a long time.
  • While inter-state travelling may remain banned, travel within districts or cities is likely to be allowed after May 3.
  • The report suggested that any relaxation in restrictions of lockdown will be conditional and will only be allowed in Green Zones which have not seen any fresh case in the last 28 days.
  • Restrictions are likely to continue in “hotspots” or areas falling under Red Zone due to the large number of coronavirus cases.
  • Meanwhile, social and religious gatherings, and weddings are unlikely to be allowed anytime soon
  • Similarly, shopping malls, gyms and swimming pools too may not be allowed anytime soon.
  • Mumbai, Delhi, Noida and Indore are among the areas that will be in focus post May 3 as the number of cases in these cities rise. Mumbai, Delhi, Noida and Indore are among the areas that will be in focus post May 3 as the number of cases in these cities rise.

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Six states, including Delhi, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Bengal, Punjab and Odisha, have advocated extending the lockdown with Maharashtra likely to extend the lockdown in Mumbai and Pune till June.

India’s current lockdown has helped slow the once-exponential increase in the number of cases that marks an epidemic. Even in china few new covid-19 cases were reported post the lockown. So after may 3rd government of of India should implement a comprehensive set of measures for dealing with the outbreak post lockown.

So what do you think 3rd phase of lockdown will be imposed?

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