Corona Vaccine Update : Big announcement Expected from Oxford university today!

Corona Vaccine Update : World May Get Corona Vaccine Today! Big announcement Expected from Oxford university today!

Vaccine manufacturing is underway worldwide to treat the corona virus epidemic. The whole world is eagerly waiting for the vaccine at this time. At the same time, a tweet by Richard Horton, editor of ‘The Lancet’, the world’s most influential magazine in the medical field, has become a topic of great discussion among people.

In fact, on Sunday, Richard tweeted that the results of the vaccine being made for Covid-19 will be announced tomorrow (ie, today on Monday). Since then, the entire world has been eyeing it.

Horton tweeted, ‘Tomorrow. Vaccine. Just saying. This tweet is being discussed from social media to countries around the world. If the results of the vaccine are declared and it is successful, then it will be nothing short of a revolution.

It is believed that a big announcement can be made today about the Corona vaccine being prepared at the University of Oxford. Currently, the World Health Organization (WHO) is monitoring 140 vaccines worldwide. Of these, nearly two dozen vaccines have reached human testing stage.

Officially known as AZD1222, the vaccine candidate has been developed by the Jenner Institute, a part of the Nuffield Department of Medicine at the University of Oxford. The formulation is backed by by AstraZeneca PLC, a British-Swedish pharmaceutical company.

According to media reports, the Jenner Institute’s COVID-19 vaccine candidate may provide “double protection” against coronavirus.

Moreover, there are reports AstraZeneca-backed COVID-19 vaccine candidate may be available by September.

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