A model raised $500,000 for Australia wildfire relief by sending nude photos to donors

In Australia, bushfire has scorched land, killed people and wildlife, polluted the air and destroyed acres of forests. This is nothing there are a lot of other issues going on because of bushfire only. To help all these people and the country, many people are trying to donate. But from USA Kaylen Ward has raised more than 100K USD for Australians.

Not all heroes wear capes. Some don’t even wear clothes. A Los Angeles-based Instagram model believes she has helped raise at least half a million dollars for Australian wildfire relief by offering her nude photos in exchange for proof of a charitable donation.

You will not belive, but this is the truth that this lady Kaylen Ward has raised 500,000 for a donation towards Australia fire relief. Kaylen Ward, A 20-year-old girl, introduces herself as The Naked Philanthropist on social media.

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